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Antiques Removalists

Antiques give us a nostalgia of yesteryears, and awe us with intricate workmanship and elegance. When faced with relocation, moving the antique furniture and fixtures that are adding value to your home without a scratch might be giving you sleepless nights. Worry not, Adelaide Prime Movers is here to help! With a wonderful team who have diverse capabilities and experience, we give your antiques impeccable care.

Antiques need a specialised approach, as one small miss might lead to irreplaceable damage. We source custom packaging and specialised equipment to shift them carefully. We keep our prices competitive, and deliver the best possible service.

Antique removals – learn how we do!

The first free consultation will give us a clear picture of the preparations necessary. Depending on the type of antique ( furniture, show pieces, souvenirs, artistic pieces etc) we decide on the size of vehicle and the tools required. Our team will decide on the step by step moving process for clarity and focus. We arrive at your door well prepared.

Extra protection

In case of antique furniture, the handles and legs are triple wrapped in heavy duty plastic, and soft moving blankets are placed on top for extra protection


If dismantling is necessary, we do it after consulting our art and antiques expert. Every individual part is then wrapped with enough padding and placed carefully in padded boxes.


If antique pieces are smaller, they are wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in boxes only slightly larger than they are. This will prevent damage due to haphazard jolts during the moving process.

Wrapped individually

We ship your antique wall art in custom made crates. If frames are detachable, the painting is rolled securely and the frames are wrapped individually.


We securely load all items in our vehicle optimising the space available. This will prevent the items rolling about or jolting due to rough road conditions.

Arrange items

We unload and arrange all items in your new home, as per your specifications.

Adelaide Prime Movers have over 5 years of experience in successfully moving an array of valuables without even a minute scratch. We know our stuff, and endeavour to give you total peace of mind.

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