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Apartment Removalists

Relocation is a big upheaval in life, and might bring in new opportunities and exhilarating changes. Before that, there is a major task of moving your valuables to your new abode. If you want to move your apartment efficiently, Adelaide Prime Movers is here to help. We have years of experience in successfully moving studio to large apartments, and can ensure a seamless move.

We keep our prices affordable and transparent. With an expert moving team and a high end fleet, we endeavour to make moving a breeze. From moving a few items, to moving an entire apartment, we devise the perfect service plan for you.

How do we undertake your apartment removals?

We customise a service plan depending on your requirements and specifications. If needed, we hire special equipment and also decide on the size of vehicle to use. If there are only a few items to move, our 2 tonne van will suit.

We arrive at your door well before time, with all necessary custom packing materials, shifting equipment, trolley to shift heavy furniture etc You will be required to sign a job sheet before the movers enter your premises.

Damage or loss

We pack up all your documents, medical reports and bank statements first. This will avoid misplacement, damage or loss during the moving process.

Effective packing

We pack you valuables with effective packing materials, paying special care to delicate and brittle equipment.

Careful precision

Dismantling large furniture will be done with careful precision, and we wrap each individual part with heavy duty plastic wraps. Screws and connectors will be secured in transparent bags and cello taped to the relevant furniture.

Secured Files

Electrical equipment and sockets will be wrapped in bubble wrap, and put in padded boxes.

Avoid chipping

We wrap furniture wooden handles and headrest to avoid chipping and damage in transit.


We manoeuvre furniture and valuables to the transit truck without damage to premises.

Carefully arrange

We load all items in the transit vehicle, and carefully arrange all items to optimise space. This secure arrangement will avoid mishaps or shocks due to rough road conditions.

Dismantled furniture

We unload, unpack, rebuild dismantled furniture and arrange everything in your new abode as per your specifications.

Our door to door apartment removals service will ensure that everything moves like clockwork. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way! We have a great customer service team who can instantly answer queries and address your concerns. Take the first step for a hassle free move.

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