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Fragile Goods Removalists

Fragile Goods are an integral part of our home and office, and moving them to a new place during relocation is understandably a cause for worry. They are worth a significant amount of money and carry a sentimental value. Adelaide Prime Movers strives to let you treasure and enjoy them for years to come. Our company has a perfect amalgamation of an efficient team of experts and a sophisticated array of vehicles.

We have over 5 years of experience in successfully moving scores of customers, and have dealt with a plethora of items. This experience has equipped with all the necessary insights and knowledge to handle any kind of moving challenges. So we know that fragile goods need to be packed well ahead, once the moving day is decided upon. This is because the main cause of breaks and damages are due to rushing the process. So, it is imperative that they are packed first, before attention is given to other items.

Your fragile goods stay safe with us!

We first make a note of the nature and quality of the fragile items before framing a service plan for you. We load our trucks with adequate blankets, towels, heavy duty plastic wraps, padded boxes etc. We can also wrap your fragile items in your old clothes, if you prefer. We fix a timeline to pack fragile goods, and start the process a few days ahead of the moving day.

Individually wrap

When it comes to kitchen items like ceramic plates – we individually wrap each plate with bubble wrap, stack them securely and place them on its side in padded boxes. They are given further cushioning with crumpled paper or packing peanuts.


For glasses – crumpled paper is pushed in every glass and they are wrapped with 2 layers of bubble wrap.


For Lamps – we remove the bulb and lampshade, and pack them separately with proper cushioning.


For fragile crockery and cutlery – we wrap them in heavy duty plastic sheets, and cushion them further with towels and blankets.


In case of breakable showcase pieces and souvenirs, we pack them in bubble wrap and pack them in a box only slightly larger than the items itself.


Once all items are packed, the boxes are labelled and marked to show the side up. This will prevent mishandling them when they are loaded in the truck.

Securely stacked

On day of move, the boxes containing fragile goods are loaded only after all heavy items are loaded. They are also securely stacked to prevent sudden shocks and jolts due to rough roads.


We unload fragile goods first, place the boxes in a secure area of your new premises before all other items are unloaded, and unpack them with impeccable care.

Entrust your fragile goods removals to us. Powered by years of experience, we make light work of your move and let you focus on other important things.

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