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House Removalists

We make light work of your house removals!

Relocation brings with it a special set of challenges, and Adelaide Prime Movers are just the right fit to tackle them all with effortless ease. We have a professional team with years of experience and expertise, and well versed in all the nuances of a successful move. Whatever the size of your home, we tailor you a bespoke service plan to enjoy a stress free move.

Our prices are competitive and inclusive of all charges. No hidden charges or levies to give you a nasty surprise at the end. We charge by the hour, and have a sophisticated fleet of vehicles to carefully move any volume of valuables. If you are unsure about the actual requirements, you can request a home visit from our team. They will be able to precisely assess your needs and ensure everything moves smoothly.

Learn how we do things!

As soon as you share your requirements with us, we will start planning for the move. A timeline will be set with clear cut guidelines. We will also hire specialised equipment, if needed. You will be assigned a move manager to keep you updated on the progress of the move.

On the day of the move, our team will arrive at your door well equipped and prepared. You will be required to sign a job sheet before the team enters your premises.


We secure all your medical records, documents and other such paperwork first.

Meticulous care

We pack up your valuables with meticulous care and precision. Delicate and fragile items will be wrapped securely in custom packaging, and loose and sharp ends will be given special attention.

Damage and chipping

We use heavy duty plastic wraps for handles and corners of furniture, to prevent damage and chipping. We dismantle large pieces of furniture and wrap up every piece securely.


Electrical equipment will be wrapped securely in bubble wraps, and wires will be labeled for easy re-connecting.

Ready to move

We label the boxes and arrange them ready for the move.

Our professionals

With proper shifting gears, we manoeuvre furniture, fixtures and valuables to the transit truck. Our professionals will arrange them by optimising the space available in the truck.

Your destination

We transport them securely through safe routes and deliver them to your new destination.

Relax & comfort

We will unload, unpack and rearrange all your valuables in your new abode, and let you relax in comfort!

We ensure a seamless door to door removals service, and help you focus on other things that matter the most! We are ready to work around your schedule too.