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Industrial Removals

Industries pave the way for growth and development. With daily inputs of raw materials to delivering the final output to various places, they power the economy every step of the way. Adelaide Prime Movers have years of experience in Industrial removals. For regular industrial moves, check our Business Removals service. Here, we are covering moving an industrial production line to new premises. Adelaide Prime Movers understands the challenges involved in moving heavy industrial machinery without affecting industrial production.

For any industrial business, machinery is costly and indispensable. Although hiring a cheap removal service seems alluring, improper handling could irreparably damage the moving parts. At Adelaide Prime Movers, we have assembled an expert team of highly experienced industrial movers who are well equipped with the right strategies and methodologies for a smooth and hassle-free move. We will organize everything well in advance, to make sure that you won’t lose even a bit of your industrial valuables. Over the years and after dealing with multiple numbers of clients, we have formulated a cost-effective and proven strategy to ease up your industrial move.

How do we accomplish Industrial removals?

As industrial removal is not an easy process since every industry is different. Our project manager will perform an extensive inspection and background research on the types of machinery and equipment which are to be moved. Once the inspection is successfully completed, we will devise a cost-effective and custom-tailored service plan for your unique requirement.


All the pieces of machinery are carefully dismantled and securely packed in specialized heavyweight equipment handling containers.


Packed containers are moved with the aid of trolleys, carriers and heavy machinery handling equipment. We have invested substantially on our sophisticated lifting equipment, including heavy lifting cranes and low loaders up to 42t and 12.5m long.


Since the moving parts and industrial valves have to be safeguarded, we employ heavy-duty equipment handling trucks that are custom-designed to nullify the impact of any jerks or bumps which might creep in during the move.

GPS enabled

All out moving trucks are GPS enabled to ensure complete safety of your equipment. Once the destination is reached, the industrial equipment is then reassembled to ensure smooth functioning as before.

So why wait to take the next step when we ready to ensure a seamless move? Don’t do the mistake of hiring an inexperienced mover to perform an industrial move. Sit back and relax while our operations team does the hard work for you.

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