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Man with Van

Adelaide Prime Movers gives you the best Man and Van service! We make relocating a breeze, with an efficient amalgamation of an efficient team of professionals and a sophisticated range of vehicles.

Our professionals have expert knowledge and insights about ensuring a successful move. We have sourced diverse staff with different capabilities. Every member brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. We also have an antiques expert and few engineers as part of our professional team. We are also open to hire a private professional consultant for your peace of mind, if you have a special moving need that requires the assistance of an expert.

Now that you know about our team, it is time to know about our fleet. We have a number of vans and trucks to suit diverse moving requirements and the volume of valuables to be moved.

2 Tonne Van – Mostly suited to move small volume of valuables or a basic studio apartment

4 Tonne Truck – Will be apt for 1-2 bedroom house or a small office

8 Tonne Truck – Suitable for 2-3 bedroom house or a medium office

10 Tonne Truck – Perfect size for 3-5 bedroom homes or a large office

Our prices are competitive and transparent. A perfect combination we think! We charge hourly rates for local moves, and our prices are inclusive of all taxes and levies. We charge standard rates for a Sunday move too! If you have very limited valuables to be moved, you can also avail our backloading option and save money. It just means that your valuables will be moved simultaneously while the mover carries out another job.

Our Man with Van service – learn more!

We tailor a customised service package for you once we learn about your requirements. This will help us decide the number of movers needed for the job, the size of vehicle and availability, timeline and any other preparatory work to be done in advance. We will arrive at your door with a job sheet and all necessary equipment. Once you sign the job sheet, our team takes over with enthusiasm and determination.

Custom packing

They sort the items according to their nature, and pack all your valuables in custom packing materials. Each and every item is given special attention to ensure that you keep enjoying them for years to come.

Antique furniture

They dismantle big furniture and pack the individual pieces with precision. All furniture is given necessary padding and protection to avoid chipping or damage. Antique furniture will be handled by our antique expert.

Equipment and items

In case of office equipment and items, they pack and move them with minimal interference to your business schedule.


They move all items to the truck without damage to the premises or items.


They securely load and transport them through safe routes to your new destination.


They unload, unpack, reassemble and rearrange all items in your new premises.

We perfectly understand that each move is unique and needs a specially tailored service plan. Proactive approach and effective solutions are a guarantee.

Call us today and look forward to a stress free move!