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Museum Removalists

Museums are inspiring places for reflection. They offer a zestful learning opportunity, and provide a chance for people of all age groups to learn and dive into different cultures all in one space. Adelaide Prime Movers understands that museum artefacts are too precious and priceless, and need utmost care when moving. One wrong move, and an ancient piece of history will be irrevocably lost forever. Our professional team has an art & antiques expert, who will play an important part for a successful museum move. With detailed methodologies and strategic planning, we get things done with effortless ease and minimal interference.

We keep our pricing structure transparent. As museums have a plethora of items, it is imperative to draw up a proper step by step moving process. From scientific specimens to unique natural exhibits, we can handle everything impeccably. Our GPS enabled high end fleet has good suspension system and all proper moving equipment.

How we accomplish our Museum Removals service?

We kick start our service by an initial inspection by our project manager. He will observe the displays and understanding the operating methods by interacting with the staff. Once the inspection is done, we will devise the most suitable plan for moving your collection, specifically custom-tailored for your museum’s unique requirements. All this pre-preparation ensures that the displays are handled in the most professional and careful way. In case if you wish that your museum should continue functioning throughout the move, we can accomplish that with ease with minimal disruption.

Carefully moved

All the displays are carefully moved by our trained staff with the use of trolleys, planks and other handling equipment with perfect precision.

Our team

Our team covers the displays with adequate padding and custom packing materials. They cushion the fragile ends with multiple layers of bubble wrap and layers of heavy duty synthetic wraps. Additional protection is provided with moving blankets.

Extra protection

In case dismantling becomes a necessity, the individual components are carefully packed in cardboard boxes with additional layers of bubble wrap for extra protection. Our team uses durable boxes which are of the highest quality and are strong enough to withstand and protect against the roughest bumps due to bad road conditions

Carried carefully

Once dismantling is done, the exhibits are carried carefully and loaded into the transport truck.

Efficient and effective

Loading is done in the most efficient and effective way to ensure that the displays are properly protected until they reach the destination.


They will unload, unpack and arrange every valuable in the new premises.

With our company to guide you, you can stop worrying about shifting all kinds of museum. We are also ready to hire a specialist if you need. Our 3-4 movers and our 10 Tonne truck is just what you need for a smooth museum move.

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