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Pool table Removals

Your pool table must have given you hours of fun, and we understand how worrisome it is when it comes to moving it to a new destination. Pool tables can weigh anything between 600-1000 pounds, and you need a professional with proper training and tools to shift. Adelaide Prime Movers is here to help. You can rely on our expertise and experience to safely disassemble, move and re-install your pool table.

Pool tables usually have heavy slate covered by a sturdy wool cloth. One slate tables can be transported as such, while 3 slate table needs dismantling before a move. Whatever the type of pool table, we keep our prices affordable and transparent.

Moving your pool table – leave it to our experts

The slates used in pool tables are very heavy, and one wrong move can damage them irrevocably. So, we extend the most professional pool table removals service. Once we gather information about the type of play surface, age, model of the table, whether the move involves stairs and the destination, we will tailor a bespoke service plan for you. We arrive at your place with plenty of time to spare and all necessary equipment


If it is a 1 slate pool table, no dismantling is required. We gently ease a wooden dollie under each leg of the pool table and slide it across the floor.


If it is a 3 slate pool table, it is necessary to dismantle the table to avoid the slates getting misaligned.

Safe transportation

In case of dismantling, we remove the felt on top carefully, remove the slates and wrap them up securely for safe transportation.

Moved up

If the piano is moved up or down the stairs, we use trolleys and dollies.

Without damage

We make clear pathway towards the transit truck, and manoeuvre it without damage to the premises.


We transport the table safely and securely.


We unload, rebuild the dismantled table with expertise and arrange them in your new abode

Our professionals have the skills and equipment to disassemble for safe transport, reassemble the pool table and ensure you enjoy them for years to come. We can also re-felt your table by hiring a professional.