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Warehouse Removalists

Moving warehouse is a unique job that is to be done by the specialists. Whether you are moving from one building to the other, or from one floor to the other, Adelaide Prime Movers are here to shoulder your burden by providing you a stress-free move. Our well-trained team is highly experienced and well equipped for warehouse relocation. We provide both interstate and local removal services, all in accordance with the highest safety regulations.

Be it big or small, we take care of all the hard work including- site inspection, inventory management and categorising, packing with custom designed materials, dismantling items when needed, transportation and unloading. All our handling equipment including trolleys, ramps and platforms are custom designed to ensure that the entire relocation process will move like a breeze. We have a fleet of custom-designed vehicles to transport even the most sensitive and heavy items like machinery with absolute safety. Stop worrying about the loss in productivity as Adelaide Prime Movers ensures minimal disruption to your day-to-day functioning with negligible downtime.

How do we accomplish Warehouse Removal service?

Once your order is placed, our specialized team along with the operations manager will come for an initial inspection. The first step is to make an inventory and categorise the items based on the type, nature and the area it is placed in the warehouse. With over several years of experience under their sleeves, our team will be able to understand the complexities involved and precautions to be taken. After the completion of the initial inspection, our expert team will design the most suitable plan with minimal disruption involved. Once we arrive, we start section wise item removals. We bring them all to a clear area for a comfortable packing and ease the way towards the moving truck.

Move quickly

With the aid of custom-designed and specialized equipment, our removal team will move all the items as quickly as possible. We use custom-designed and specialized trolleys, planks, and other handling equipment to ensure all the necessary precautions.


For sensitive items, we use bubble wraps, thick layers of heavy-duty synthetic wraps, blankets for packing.


In case if the items have to be transported to a different location, we use specialized trucks custom-designed for warehouse removal.

Carefully unload

Once the final destination is reached our team will carefully unload all the items in the exact way you wanted.

So what are you waiting for when you have met the pioneers in warehouse removal? Pick up your phone and just dial our number. We will ensure that we will put a smile on your face from the start to the finish of our door to door removals service.

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